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Da er det bare sjarmøretappen igjen av seilasen Bergen-Oslo. Det har gått veldig greit, men lengre perioder med lite vind har medført til mye motorseiling. I går kveld og natt var det tykk tåke når vi rundet Norges sydligste landsdel. Men vi har fått seilt bra også i perioder. Siste «etappen» (vi har seilt i ett) fra Kristiansand til Hankø er i deilig bris fra SV og deilig slør. Vi er fremme på Hankø ca 20:00.

Jenny & Simen


Bærre lækkert!

Say no more!

Solo på vei til Oslo

Jenny og Simen startet seilasen i kveld, Fredag, fra Bergen Seilforening. Vi går for motor i kveld og natt i et eventyrlig sommervær. Men det er slutt i morgen formiddag, da kommer det store mengder regn og vind midt i mot.

Men slik er det og lite å gjøre med, så vi stor-koser oss her ute. ETA Oslo er natt til mandag.

Gi gass!

Rune leder kampen om å bli årets shorthandedseiler 2012!

Rune leder an i kampen om å bli årets shorthanded seiler i Norge i 2012! Om dette holder helt til sesongslutt vil bare tiden vise. Det blir lite sanking av poeng utover høsten, da NOR Challenge velger å seile i Frankrike og Normandy Channel Race fremfor regattaene i Norge.

Se omtale på Seilmagasinet sine sider:


Normandy Channel race seilingsrute

Racet går i et av Europas mest utsatte havområder, med enorme strømmer og tidevann, ofte mye vær, stor skipstrafikk og ellers mange utfordringer. Men det liker vi, så vi tar utfordringen!

Start og mål i Caen i Frankrike.

En kort beskrivelse av Halvard Mabire, en av Frankrikes mest renommerte havseilere, som selv deltar i regattaen:

«The first section, as far as the Isle of Wight, is a good, classic Cross-Channel, with an interesting coastal course off the D-DayLandingBeachesand a perpendicular crossing of the shipping lanes, as is required by the rules of shipping.

Following on from that, we have a stark reminder of a Fastnet Race start. The Needles, Portland, Lizard, Land ‘s End… The fantastic South coast of England has seen so much nautical jousting over the centuries that, if the cliffs could speak, we’d have a genuine encyclopaedia of Offshore Racing.

We say a quick hello to Wolf Rock and then we’re back in the CelticSea with relish; a sea we’ve criss-crossed many times during our Figaros and various Fastnet races.

Next we track straight across to the Côtes d ‘Armor in Brittany, as if to the mark the boundary between ourselves and our dear «Anglos», with the strongest tides, the strongest currents and a few very familiar rocks as justices of the peace. The terrible Raz Blanchard forms a tricky passage, with the Goury lighthouse playing the role of gatekeeper, and we can but hope that the winds and tide are with us. Indeed we know all to well that with the «Vent d ‘Amont» (NE’ly wind) over tide, it’s a liquid hell if there’s more than 25 knots of breeze!

As if one Raz wasn’t enough, the one at Barfleur will be on hand to remind us that the English Channel is no joke and that it’s the Tide that decides here.

The Baie de Seine won’t be sparing of us as regards the currents and all the way to the finish, we’ll have to dig deep and play the shrewdness card if we’re to successfully complete the «Normandy Channel Race»…

The Channel has witnessed a number of races and it needed its own event to pay homage to the waters which opened the gateways to the World to us. I hope that in a few decades time, we’ll speak of the Normandy Channel Race as fondly as we do of its big sisters, and that the wake we trace in 2010 will be followed for all time.»

Gi gass!

NOR Challenge seiler Normandy Channel Race i september


22 crews registered

With exactly two months to go until the race start on Sunday 2 September at 1700 hours local time, the third edition of the NORMANDY CHANNEL RACE can already boast a solid line-up of Class 40s. Indeed 22 crews are registered to date, compared with 10 duos in 2010 and 16 in 2011. So far this is one of the central turnouts in the Class 40 circuit, a figure that may yet increase before the deadline for final entries on 1st August.

The entry list (see website was presented during today’s press conference held at the Calvados departmental council in Caen.

Its popularity is encouraging for this young event, which each year proposes a very choice course in the English Channel, spanning nearly 1,000 miles between the Norman coast, the Isle of Wight, the South-West coast of England, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Back in 2010, the race was won by the duo Thomas Ruyant / Tanguy Leglatin and in 2011 by Tanguy de Lamotte and Sébastien Audigane. The course times couldn’t have been more different, which just goes to show that anything can happen on this varied course, which is full of pitfalls and fairly extensive in both time and space to provide some varied weather systems: 6 d 18 h and 52’ to cover a distance of 1,124 miles at an average speed of 6.9 knots in 2010, compared with 3 d 22 h 25’ to cover 869 miles at an average speed of 9.2 knots in 2011, which equates to nearly half the time from one edition to the next.

A line-up that reflects the variety of the Class 40

The dynamism of the Class 40, complemented by boat No.119, which has just been launched, and the infatuation for the formula offered by the event, go a large way to explaining this record participation. Within it you can find the usual large mix of professional skippers and amateur teams (see table of entries): 44 skippers, 9 nationalities, 1/3 overseas projects, 3 women, 4 Norman projects (Halvard Mabire / Christophe Coatnoan / Jean-Charles Monnet / Brieuc Maisonneuve).

The top players from the series will be out in force, including recent winners of the Transat Jacques Vabre (Yannick Bestaven) and the Solidaire du Chocolat (Jörg Riechers who was accompanied by Marc Lepesqueux).

Some of the very latest craft will be putting in an appearance too, with certain models even debuting at the event, such as the MKIII Tyker and the Akilaria RC3, testifying to the great diversity of architects and builders.

10 days of nautical and cultural entertainment in Caen.

With the French Speedboat Championship also being hosted in the town over the weekend of the start and the Presqu’ile en Fête cultural event (Peninsula Festival) in port at the finish during the 2nd weekend (45,000 visitors in 2011), the Normandy Channel Race is sure to add its own burst of colour to this fine period of sports and culture events in Caen»

Fra Norge stiller også Bjørn Børresen i sin helt nye Pogo 12.50 (ombygd til Class40 reglene), så dette er første gang Norge stiller med to båter i denne profesjonelle klassen.

NOR Challenge vil som vanlig: Gi gass !!

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